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Friday, March 15, 2002:

Daddy's Little Animal Rights Extremist

Should a second-year law student know better than to get mixed up with domestic terrorists, get arrested and then risk violating the terms of his bail — especially since dad is a prominent federal lawyer?

Find out the
details in the "Junk Science" column at FOX News.

I disagree witht the use of the phrase "get mixed up with", which implies that the student just happened to fall into bad company, that it isn't his fault and he doesn't bear full responsibility for his choices. Hey, he didn't end up in camoflage dancing around a laboratory facility on a drunken frat prank. He made the (ir)rational choice to join the animal rights cause and to take terrorist action. He should bear the full consequences.

BCM // 11:00 AM


Slipping Your Mooreings

David Harsanyi of Front Page Magazine
does a job on Michael Moore. David brings up some points that haven't been covered in other bloggers' recent thrashings, like Mikey's adoration of Cuba.

BCM // 10:50 AM


Reach For The Top

Canadian Dollar $0.6294 USD, up 0.0012

BCM // 7:49 AM


Column Of The Day

Victor Davis Hanson
asks a very large number of questions that everyone in the West should ask. Far too many good questions to just quote one or two.

BCM // 7:32 AM


"Out Of the Mainstream"

Neal Boortz details what Democrats mean when they say that a judging candidate is "out of the mainstream".

1.A belief in a strict interpretation of the terms of the United States Constitution.
2.The belief in the sovereignty of the individual.
3.The belief that the role of government, particularly the federal government, should be strictly limited.
4.The concept that oral sex is, indeed, just what we all know that it is. Sex.
5.The belief that government functions should be carried out by local governments, and that state or federal governments should play a role only when issues are broadened beyond the local level.
6.The belief that all Americans should be treated equally under the law, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, etc. This includes the belief that the government and taxpayer-funded agencies should not discriminate for or against any individual on the basis of race or gender.
7.The belief that individuals have a right to the fruits of their labor, and that government should only seize the property of individuals when such seizure is absolutely necessary to fund the proper and constitutionally appropriate functions of government.
8.The idea that elected officials should not be allowed to lie under oath and remain in office.

BCM // 7:00 AM


Suzuki Down Under

Tim Blair
takes on David Suzuki, Canada's least desired export. I wonder why no nation ever imposes tarrifs on visiting bloviators? No word on David's own compliance with the Kyoto accord, which would see him reduce his hot air emmissions by 50%, although he may already be buying credits from lesser known bloviators.

Suzuki on money: "What is real wealth? I happen to think clean air and clean water and fish in the sea and forests are the things I really value." Fish in the forests? Why, certainly! The bark-clad hermit can often be seen wandering the woods of Newfoundland armed with his trusty club, in the hope of bringing down a tuna or two.

No word on when Suzuki last tried to buy a shirt by dragging five trees to the store or getting a loan based on the air in his lungs. Amazing, I never realized that a caveman 10,000 years ago was wealthier than Bill Gates. Shows how much I know, confusing wealth and prosperity with little things like being able to get food anytime without having to hunt it, safety from diseases that have plagued humanity for thousands of years, shelter, knowledge and the ability to commicate across the globe. These things must be clear after receiving a few CBC grants.

BCM // 6:01 AM


Thursday, March 14, 2002:

Jeff Jacoby in Cuba

This is the state the left lionizes.

Jeff indicates this is the first of three articles. Good. I eagerly await the next two.

I've said it before, but I will not go to Cuba like other Canadians while it is still a communist state. I figure I'd spend every moment there pissed off as hell, and even odds that I'd be deported before long.

BCM // 1:44 PM


How Do You Like Those Apples?

Larry Elder
takes on Aaron Sorkin on his new "West Wing" episode which tries to replay Bush Vs.Gore. Specifically, Sorkin's view that Gore is intellectually superior to Bush. Every american should read this column. If you always thought Gore wasn't as smart as everyone told you, this confirms everything.

Who had the wasted youth now?

BCM // 1:28 PM


Column Of The Day

Dave Schifflet asks if
you've slapped a pacifist today.

"At the outset, it should be pointed out that these contemporary pacifists are not cut from the same cloth as history’s grand Mahatmas, whose neutrality may have sometimes been in error but who were people of large and often courageous spirit. They took the tough pathway toward their High Ideals and would follow their principles into the jailhouse and perhaps into the grave. One would feel very bad about training the water cannon on them.

Not so the new breed, which appears to be largely made up of self-absorbed snots. When the heat shows up, they run. If they get jugged, they get someone to post bail, preferably on Daddy’s AmEx card. Some do a bit of car-burning and looting on the side. They blossom most brilliantly in the spotlight, which they are forever seeking, and they hail from the expected provinces: Hollywood, the Ivy League, the Ivory Tower, Trust Fund City. Many hold dual citizenship.

Worse yet, they insist on an intellectual superiority when in fact they fail to make even the simplest of distinctions. Soon after the September slaughters, for instance, 120 students and their masters walked out of classes at Brown University while chanting, “One, two, three, four, we don’t want a racist war.” This seems to suggest that we bombed the Taliban for reasons of wrap-around headwear, not because of complicity in the mass murder of several thousand Americans. These students seem to forget that America will most definitely bomb white people when required, as the survivors of numerous German cities can attest. Maybe the history department had to drop that sort of information in order to provide a full accounting of the Sioux Nation’s central banking system.

Brutal. I love it.


BCM // 9:22 AM


Inhuman Fucking Animals

I almost cannot believe


My prediction: NOW and other feminist organizations will have little to say on this. The Bellicose Woman brigade (as per Instapundit) is going to have a lot to say about it. here's hoping for a widespread Brigade mobilization.

BCM // 9:00 AM


Tobin Tax Cut (To Pieces)

By Paul Staines of Samizdata. An
excellent explanation of why the Tobin tax will end up making the poor of the world even poorer. Excellent.

For example I'm a gum farmer from Sudan, I sell my gum to Rowntrees Ltd. in the UK so they can make fruit pastilles. I want Sudanese dinars, Rowntrees pay pounds sterling, I sell the pounds for dollars (Tobin tax time), I sell the dollars for dinars (Tobin tax time). Minor currencies are always quoted against the dollar, so if you come from a small country you pay the tax twice - and this regressive tax helps the developing world?

BCM // 8:35 AM


Martial Arts Minute

The MACHing Monkey has forwarded this
little action movie for your amusement. Eat yer heart out Wachowski Brothers.

BCM // 8:31 AM


Short Sell "Blame America Inc"

Strategy Page's Austin Bay lays out some of the
West's prior experiences with Moral equivalence and the Anti-americans. (Via VodkaPundit) One of the last points I feel worth repeating.

I know, nattering anti-Americanism won't disappear, there are too many academic and political careers erected on it. Sept. 11, however, clarified the choice -- the stark choice -- between civilized behavior, as exemplified by America, and nihilistic barbarism.

Yes, there are too many careers built on blaming the US, no matter what. That is not going to change. Rall, Fisk, Said and Chomsky are never going to come around to reality, never going to be another David Horowitz. The sad thing is that sooner or later, if they ever come up with a few valid points. We'll probably never notice. The Boy who cried wolf comes to mind.

The baying is never going to stop. Fortunately, I get the sense that neither will we. As long as they keep producing the garbage, we'll keep throwing it out by Fact Checking their asses.

(Side Note: It's such a dammed shame that "Fact Check Your Ass" doesn't shorten into a cool acronym.)

Just wondering, how many academic careers have been formed on a base of being pro-american?

BCM // 6:14 AM


Too Early For Crying Into Beer

Canadian Dollar, 715am quote $0.6267 USD, up 0.0004 USD.

USD weaking against all other currencies. Yeah, like that'll last long.

BCM // 5:55 AM


Quote of the Day

The safest way to double your money is to fold it over and put it in your pocket.

Kin Hubbard (1868 - 1930)

BCM // 5:53 AM


Wednesday, March 13, 2002:


The live action rights to the anime feature Ninja scroll
have been bought up.

Good. That is probably the best anime movie I've ever seen, by far. Unlike Akira, the plot can actually be followed.

BCM // 1:44 PM


"The world may be going to hell, but at least it's a fun ride."

I like
Juan's attitude. (In reference to the FOX Celebrity boxing)

BCM // 1:22 PM


Incompatible Cause

A while back I was pointed to
Canadian World Domination as a potential ally of the Great Monkey Cause.

I liked what I saw, at first. This seemed to be an orgainization with which we could do business. Then I read the list of their policies, which is essentially a laundry list of socialist ideas. [sound of brakes, glass breaking]

Now, the only use the GMC has for them is that of fodder, shock troops, useful idiots.

BCM // 1:16 PM


Canadian So Called Dollar

Of course our beer is better. We need something good to cry into. Watering american beer with tears would be redundant.

Canadian Dollar $0.6263 USD, Down 0.0048

BCM // 1:01 PM


Happy Birthday to Learned Monkey

Who has reaced a wise old age of [CLASSIFIED by Information Monkey]. Old silverback may have a few more years in him as of yet, but the consensus is, he's doomed.

Birthday condolences all around.

BCM // 11:43 AM


Die Another Day

...Is the
title of the next James Bond movie, coming out November 22nd.

Hey, as long as the score is by David Arnold, I'm happy. His music for the last two movies has been perfect and I still play the CDs regularly.

For the movie after that though, I have a few suggestions. Things I'd love to see happen in the Bond franchise.

First, Sean Connery must return. Not as Bond, but as a Bond Villian. There hasn't been a truly memorable Bond villian in quite a few movies. How many of the names can you remember? I'll guess that Scaramanga (The Man With The Golden Gun) is probably the last one you'll recall. Connery would be perfect, and he hasn't played a villian that often. (Asides from the utterly excrable Avengers movie a few years ago. I want that 90 minutes back) The in jokes could easily be overdone, but just putting in one or two would be worthwhile. It would be an epic confrontation.

Second, bring back SPECTRE, or something like it. Returning villians are the greatest. Yes, Blofeld is dead, but did his organization die with him? What happened to Spectre Island? Did Blofeld have inheritors? Sons? Daughters? Has SPECTRE been busy building a plan for a decade or so? Of course, this idea does run into one obstacle: Austin Powers. Blofeld and Spectre have been so thoroughly mocked that it might be very hard not to bring that to mind instantly.

Third, pretty much half of the Bond movies have had capitalists as their villians. (Goldfinger, Zorin, Drax, the last two villians whose names escape me, etc.) How about an evil bureaucrat for a change. They've got access to pots of money ($50,000 for a hammer? Really Mr. Bond, where did your think the money went?), live the high lifestyle we associate with Bond villians, can gain ridiculous amonts of power and info and are universally hated. How about a mercenary army? (With the appropriate weapons. Hmmm, was much advanced equipment lost or decommissioned with the "Peace Dividend?")

Any ideas out there?

BCM // 6:28 AM


Tuesday, March 12, 2002:

Comments Enabled

It took Marc Wahlberg thirty minutes of screen time to learn to communicate with the Apes. You may now communicate with this one with the push of a button.

BCM // 7:44 PM


Alright. I think I overdid my caffination today. My head is throbbing. Mental note: weak coffee cannot be compensated for by drinking more of it. Why can't anyone in this office brew a half decent coffee? I want something that isn't about to evaporate out of the cup because it's so light. i want the coffee equivalent of Guinness. I want coffee I have to face down with a sword in hand. That would keep me awake.

BCM // 1:23 PM


Dispatches on Russia

speaks to a Columbia University Audience.

"We, including I, were saying, 'Capitalism is moving toward a catastrophe, whereas we are developing well.' Of course, that was pure propaganda. In fact, our country was lagging behind,"

Via NRO's The Corner

Michael Jenkinson on Russia's recent Flat Tax experience. Yes, that "wacky" flat tax idea. It seems to be working.
BCM // 1:14 PM


Dispatches on Cuba

Today's Opinion Journal explores the
disparities between the rich and poor that exist in Cuba. I note that the disparity between rich and poor that is so deplorable in the US, gets a free pass in Cuba among the left. Never mind that most Cubans would be very happy to exchange their Cuban poverty for what is considered poverty in the US.

A Harvard student takes on Harvard's appointment of one of Castro's stooges as a Professor.

Jay Norlinger of NRO has a few observations about the US's relations to Cuba as well. Worth checking out.

BCM // 12:01 PM


Canadian Embarrassment

"There are other tragedies that occur from time to time. Perhaps the honourable member can suggest that we look into that, but I do not feel it is absolutely necessary to have a monument built for that occasion."

Jean Chretien, March 11th, 2002, Six months after the WTC attack, speaking on the idea of building a monument to the 25 Canadians who dies in the attack.

Right. There's scholarship funds to be named after dead Liberal politicians, studies to be commissioned, whether or not anything is actually delivered, canoe Museums to be built in Shawinigan, Commonwealth conferences to jet off to and so on. Real priorities.

This man has no human empathy. Remember when the King of Jordan died a few years ago and Chretien said there was no way he could have attended the funeral? Remember how it turned out he was off skiing and could easily have made it if he'd decided to?

What an asshole.

BCM // 11:41 AM


The Pearl/Kelly Googlebomb Experience

A couple of weeks ago, I took
Megan McArdle's suggestion and joined in her Googlebomb to bring her message to as many people searching for the R.Kelly or Daniel Pearl videotapes as possible. The hits for it have died off to nothing now, so I'm not spoiling anything by discussing it.

The saturday after posting the link, I was checking my stats and the referrers. I was suprised to see that about 20% of my last hits had been goole searches for the tapes. I was surprised. I never expected that many. Over the following week, I found that 20% was the minimum such searches formed of my hits. Sometimes it was half.

That was sobering, to think that there really are that many sick people out there. Still, there is the satisfaction of thinking how many of them got Megan's message.

BCM // 10:03 AM


The Debunking Continues

suggested by Charles Johnson of LGF. Let's see.
Herold Afghan Casualties study.
Afghan Civillian Causalties
Afghan Collateral Damage.
Herold Collateral Damage
Marc Herold Afghanistan Study

BCM // 9:28 AM


Never hold discussions with the monkey when the organ grinder is in the room.

Sir Winston Churchill (1874 - 1965)

BCM // 7:47 AM


And now they will elect a new President. A Strong President...

Emily Jones points out the clear alternative to Demopublicans in 2004. Senator Palpatine For President!

Power. Order. Stormtroopers. The choice is obvious.

Damm straight. Any chance he'll run a campaign in Canada too? He'd be perfect. First, we have a separatist problem he could cure. His latest TV spot (called a "trailer" for some reason) shows him committing himself to not allowing the Republic he rules to be split in two by separatist factions. Perfect. Second, we're used to power being concentrated in the hands of an elected ruler with no possible change in government in sight. Perfect.

I see the Imperial Military is already recruiting.

Check out the Imperial Party Platform. LAt least they're honest.

The Imperial Party favors a 95% tax rate. We've got better things to do with your money than you do.

International Trade and NAFTA: The Imperial Party doesn't care much for Trade Federations, although they are handy for blockades...
Juvenile Drinking & Smoking: The Imperial Party encourages the youth of America to be responsible, but we don't need to see their identifcation...
Gun Control: The Imperial Party strongly supports an individual's right to own and carry a gun.They may be clumsy and random, but there's nothing like a good blaster at your side, kid.

Hopefully his campaign will pick up a few more votes than the infamous 1996 candidacy of Cthulhu for President" ("Why Settle For the Lesser Evil?")

BCM // 6:14 AM


Dissent and Dissed in Weblogs

Steven Den Beste presents a reasoned examination of
Nick Denton's complaint against the blogsphere being more hawkish than he is. Excellent points, as always.

BCM // 5:48 AM


Israel and the Muslim World

Two good commentary Articles in the National Post today. First is David Warren on Sharon's allowing Arafat out of confinement,
linking it to recent Israeli changes and tactics and success in the refugee camps.

These recent raids represent the first time since Mogadishu that any civilized military force has confronted the terrorists in their own lair -- in close-quarter fighting through narrow lanes and passageways. It is reminiscent of the battle for Amman, Jordan, in 1970, when the late King Hussein sent troops into the Palestinian camps sheltering Black September. The success of this latest Israeli operation has sent a shock through the Palestinian leadership. They tend to negotiate when they are scared.

Second, Amir Taheri enumerates the sorry state of the Muslim world. This one is fascinating for the little bits of info scattered within.

While Muslims account for almost a quarter of mankind, their share of the global wealth is less than 6%. Nearly two-thirds of the world's poorest, those who live on under $2 a day, are Muslim, while not a single Muslim country figures among the world's 30 richest nations.
Of the 30 active conflicts in the world today, 28 concern Muslim governments and/or communities. In the past two decades at least 2.5 million people have died in the wars fought within or between Muslim states.

Two-thirds of political prisoners are held in Muslim countries, which also carry out 80% of all executions in the world. Muslims also account for nearly 80% of all the world's refugees.
As for Bouteflika, rather than lamenting the absence of an efficient 11 squad, he should explain why Algeria, which earns US$20-billion a year from energy exports, is unable to feed its people or provide drinking water for its capital.

BCM // 5:39 AM


What Goes Up....

Canadian Dollar $0.6277 USD, Down 0.0037, 710am quote

BCM // 5:31 AM


Yet More Tests

Over at a blog called
Bullplop. Tests like, "Which Torture would you Be?" and "What affliction are you?"

My results, respectively, were "Watching the CBC" and "Champagne Socialism".

BCM // 5:30 AM


Monday, March 11, 2002:

Lawrence Garvin points out yet another Liberal boondoggle in his post, appropriately titled, "Parody is impossible".

The Chrétien government has paid a company with close Liberal ties a total of $550,000 to produce a report of which no trace can be found, documents obtained by The Globe and Mail show.
It will now prove difficult for the government to defend the $1.1-million in contracts to a generous Liberal donor, with little to show for its payment but 122 pages for the second report.

Groupaction and an affiliated company gave $70,000 to the Liberal Party of Canada between 1998 and 2000.

A little math here. $1,100,000 divided by 122 equals $9000 per page. I guess the $70k contribution is just the cost of doing business.

BCM // 1:57 PM


No Posts On BC Monkey For May 16th

.....Just so you can mark it in your Daytimers......

Why? Because that's the opening day for Star Wars Episode II. Having seen the trailer on TV last night, I'm sold. (Like there was ever any question: I was four when the first one came out. Darth Vader stepping into the Corellian Blockade Runner over the dead rebels is my first memory of any movie.)

For those who didn't see it or don't have the patience to download the trailer, as
suggested by Vodkapundit, here's a brief recap....

Senator Palpatine, to Anakin Skywalker: "I see you becoming the most powerful of the Jedi.."

Scene: Slave I chasing a smaller ship in the middle of an astreroid field, launches missile which strikes a gigantic asteroid instead, splitting it into a thousand humoungous spinning pieces.

Count Dooku (Christopher Lee) To Owi-Wan Kenobi: "You must join me, Obi wan. Together we can stop the Sith!"

Scene: Massive ground battle: More battle droids, droidekkas and massive spider like walkers going at it furiously.

Scene: Anakin Skywalker in a lightsaber duel with unnamed opponent. Anakin wielding a lightsaber in each hand.

Final Scene: Group of about twenty jedi surrounded on the battlefield, hundreds of droids closing in blasters blazing......

Best of all, not one single solitary shot of Jar-Jar Binks. Meesa liking that.

BCM // 11:37 AM



Victor Davis Hanson has an excellent piece in today's NRO about
the Kuwaitis and their ingratitude towards the US and what should be done.

If saving an entire people from extinction earns less than a decade's worth of appreciation, then nothing we do in the future will matter much either. In the same manner, we should assume that the billions of dollars that go to Egypt, Jordan, and Palestine to help "moderates" bring not thanks for our largess, but rather contempt for our naiveté. It would be far more intellectually honest — and cheaper — simply now to allow them all to be the enemies that they wish to be rather than the friends they do not.

See things as they are, rather than as you wish they were. Seeing what you wish is usually to the other party's benefit, not yours. Moreover, the other party is not going to help you or encourage you to face truth.

BCM // 10:40 AM


The Palestinian Escalation

To paraphrase Ayn Rand, No compromise is possible between you and your murderers.

BCM // 9:35 AM



$0.6314 USD, up 0.0006 1102 am quote.

BCM // 9:23 AM


Castro's Cuba: Excuses That Don't Wash

Many Canadians cannot understand why I have such a negative reaction to Castro's Cuba. One of the responses I frequently get whenever I condemn Castro is that "well the Batistas were dictators too. Do you think they should have been allowed to keep ruling?" No, I don't. I'm opposed to dictators no matter what their professed ideals. It seems that I'm expected to consider Castro a more benevolent dictator because of his professed altruism as opposed to the Batista's kleptocracy. Sorry, but tyranny is tyranny.

The Batistas, in my experience, are used as an excuse for Castro. That somehow the Batistas' previous rule justifies Castro's current rule. Bullshit. The tyranny of a previous regime does not excuse the tyranny that follows it. Democracy, prosperity and freedom have been established in Germany, Italy and Japan, irregardless of the regimes that were previously established there. Castro has had nearly fifty years of rule in Cuba. The excuse of the Batistas wore out a long, long time ago. Castro has had plenty of time to free his country and has chosen not to do so. He is a tyrant who subjugates his people and gives them no other choice but living under his control. (Witness the Cubans who tried to escape via the Mexican embassy the other week.)

The next issue that gets bought up is what would come after Castro. The automatic assumption is that any non-communist government to follow Castro would automatically be a repeat of the Batistas. Why? Well, because the Cubans who went into exile would come back to Cuba. This has been presented to me as a irrefutable, unquestionable fact. Exiles return, so does the bad old Batista days. Of course, living in the US and having two full generations grow up in a free republic have no influence whatsoever. When Nicaragua voted out the Sandinistas, the Somozas didn't return. Neither is the Batista regime or anything like it going to rise in Cuba once it is freed. The Batistas are no longer a vaild excuse for Castro's tyranny. They never were.

BCM // 6:29 AM


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