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Thursday, May 02, 2002:


Arnold Beichman in the Washington Times, on the
UN's record on Israel. Extensive and damming.

BCM // 9:27 AM


Wednesday, May 01, 2002:

The Palestinian Massacre

April 1st:
Tulkarm: 11 "suspected collaborators" killed

April 7th: Gaza City: Palestinians sentence six "collaborators" to death.

April 22nd: Ramallah: Three "collaborators" shot, of which, one is killed

April 23rd: Hebron:Three "collaborators" killed

Total: Twenty-One Palestinians killed by the PA and its terrorist organs.

BCM // 11:59 AM


File under "Really, Really, Really Bad Idea"

From Strategy Page

April 30, 2002; Al Qaeda attempts to ambush allied troops in eastern Paktia province has led to two gun battles and at least four enemy dead. There were no allied casualties. In one case, the al Qaeda tried to attack Australian SAS. This led to the enemy quickly reconsidering their action and attempting to run. The Australians took after them, calling in more American infantry to try and trap the fleeing foe. An al Qaeda base was discovered and much weapons and munitions captured. The al Qaeda are operating right by Pakistan border and were last seen heading for Pakistan. Pro Taliban Pushtuns in Afghanistan are reported to be rushing to the border to prevent any allied troops from entering.

Emphasis added.

BCM // 10:44 AM


PETA: Two Faced Liars. What. A. Frickin'. Suprise.

Consumer Freedom
points out that PETA seems to have difficulty being consistent in its position towards indoctrinating children.


"everything we do is based at adults."

-Ingrid Newkirk, president of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Well, maybe except for this: PETA TO SCREEN EXPLICIT VIDEO AT ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS and trying to scare kids into not drinking milk and running an ad in a Wisconsin high school paper that alleges that "dairy products cause acne".

BCM // 10:17 AM


What Goes For Norway, Goes For Canada

Bjorn Staerk on
Norway's democracy

What this trend hides, however, is our apparently innate desire to be governed, as this ban proposed by the Christian/Conservative government illustrates. There's a disease in our culture, and it's not the myriads of intrusive and counterproductive laws, small and large, but our acceptance of them. Public debate in Norway, as perfected by tabloid and non-tabloid media, takes the form of two steps: A) Point out the problem. B) Demand that the government solves it. No other solution can be imagined.

We have adopted democracy in a debased form. When regulations are the accepted method of solving problems, and government is unchecked by any real concept of individual rights, power is shifted from the individual to the interest group and the pundit. With seemingly unlimited oil wealth at the governments disposal, we have acquired the habit of voting away the symptoms, while the real problems remain.

BCM // 9:43 AM


Wealthy don't always feel rich

Wealthy Canadians don't really consider themselves to be wealthy at all, a poll released by RBC Investments and Ipsos-Reid shows.
In the survey of the richest 20 percent of Canadian households, an overwhelming 95% said they did not think of themselves as being wealthy, the companies said yesterday.
But Matt Varey, senior vice-president of financial planning for RBC Investments, said that the result could be skewed by the fact that Canadians tend to be a little reticent in tooting their own horns.
"I think you could say that it is consisitent with the Canadian character, that there is a certain humility, and the results are indicative of that." he said.
While 85% of the respondents considered themselves to be comfortable, another 9% said that they were able to maintain just a basic standard of living. Another 1% described themselves as "struggling".
Only 5% of the entire group surveyed considered themselves wealthy, while 26% of the millionaires saw themselves that way.
Questioned in the poll were 1000 Canadians 18 years old and older with more than $100,000 in assets other than principle residences (which could still be mortgaged), other real estate, jewlery and artwork.

(Front Page "Metro Today" newspaper, no web link available, Apr 30, 2002)

Can I vent?


Sigh. Better.

Right, let's take a look at what's missing from this story. The Metro News is owned by the Al-Star, so the bias inherent is anti-capitalist, anti-wealth to begin with. (The letters section for example, features people seriously discussing how rent control should be reintroduced because "greedy landlords need to be taught a lesson.") It's not suprising that they would strip the story of anything that would give context.

First, they're assessing people with $100,000 in assets other than residences, real estate art and jewelry. ($64,000 USD). That isn't really that much, especially when you ask who are the people most likely to have these assets?

Who? Those who are retired or just about to retire. Retirement with anything other than a very, very basic standard of living requires a lot of capital (wealth). Think about it, you're planning to live another 20-40 years without earning an employment income. You're going to live off the earnings on your investments and the slow depletion of that saved capital (and to a much lesser extent, gov't assistance, like CPP and OAS). If you're saving for retirement, you don't think of your RRSPs and investments as something you can just cash out anytime you feel like buying a BMW. If you have a few hundred thousand in assets, you're probably planning to take out enough each year to have a comfortable middle class existence, not the lap of luxury.

If I was 65 and had $100,000 in investment assets, was retired and expecting to live for another 20-30 years, you're dammed right I'd consider myself "struggling".

BCM // 8:40 AM


Quote of the Day II

In the words of the immortal Dennis Leary

"Deal with it. Life is tough: buy a helmet."

BCM // 8:29 AM


Repeat in the UN, NATO and any other damm way until it soaks in

Jonah Goldberg in fine form.

From a historical perspective, European anti-Americanism is pretty hilarious. There is, after all, no criticism a haughty "European" could level at the United States which could not be returned tenfold at the authors of the Inquisition, the Hundred Years' War, the Holocaust, and the Council of Trent (why the Council of Trent? I don't know, it just seems to belong). Mass murder? Hah! Racism? Hah-hah! Religious intolerance? Bah-hah-hah! Class conflict? Bahhh-hahh-hahaha! Imperialism? Okay, dude. Snort, chortle — seriously — chortle, guffaw… Stop it, you're killing me.

BCM // 8:27 AM


Mad Day

Why shouldn't
Mad Day protestors fight the Police? They're fighting reality and history the other 364 days of the year.

BCM // 8:16 AM


Thong Check

Taking a page from the Clinton White House, the Vice principal of a
California school instituted a thong check at a recent High School dance.

POWAY, Calif. (AP) — A California female vice principal has raised a storm of controversy by allegedly lifting girls' skirts — in front of male students and adults — to make sure they weren't wearing thong underwear at a dance.

"Everyone saw everything," said Kim Teal, whose 15-year-old daughter attended the dance but was not checked. "It was a big peep show."


BCM // 8:11 AM


Quote Of The Day

“now, it's much more important."

-Girl Scout Erica Belkin

Via the
Corner, we have a NY Post story about how the Girl Guides refused to allow Miss Belkin to march in support of Israel and have it count towards her badges. Apparently that would be "political"and thus wouldn't count.

Miss Belkin intends to march anyway, see the quote above. Good for her.

I can see the Guides' point that the march is political. Miss Belkin brings up the credit that the Girl Guides give to Guides who march in Irish or Catholic pride parades. Marching for another country is an explicitly political act, while the former two are ethnic and religious.

If they can march in parades for Irish pride and Catholic pride, why can't we march in a parade for Jewish pride?" asked Erica, who lives in Croton-on-Hudson.

If it were an explictly jewish parade, I'd agree with her completely. I'd be in favour of nailing the Guides right to the wall for hypocrisy. It's not. It's a "Salute to Israel". Let's not forget that while Israel has an explicitly jewish character, it also has muslims, christians and atheists as citizens.

So, this also offers me an appropriate point to get into the whole "is being anti-Israel the same as being anti-semetic?" debate. Let's just say there seems to be a remarkable correlation between the two. Take the Al-Star for example. On it's Sunday front page it reported the attacks on the Israeli settlement by Palestinians dressed as Israeli soldiers. The headline was "Jewish settlement attacked, 4 dead". Not "Israeli settlement", but "jewish settlement".

BCM // 6:48 AM


Tuesday, April 30, 2002:


Robert Tracinski
compares the number of fatalities and attacks in Israel between March and April. Any guess what the result is? Israel has rediscovered what they knew for forty years: the way to peace lies through war.

n the past two weeks, from April 13 to April 26, only two Israelis have been killed. One was a soldier, the other a member of the border police. Not a single civilian has been killed. The barrage of murder has been stopped, for now.

Through war, Ariel Sharon has achieved what he could not even get as a show of good faith from Palestinian negotiators: seven days of quiet. He bought this respite the only way anyone can ever buy peace from terrorism: by killing the terrorists, seizing their stocks of explosives, taking away their guns and imprisoning (or at least "isolating") their leaders.

Bear this in mind the next time you hear someone say that the only path to peace is a "political settlement" to be reached by negotiating with terrorists. Remember it every time you hear that ludicrous phrase "the peace process," referring to the talks that brought Israel nothing but bloodshed.

Think about it when you hear the people who have spent the last four weeks condemning Israel's war of self-defense. Would they rather see 17-year-old girls still being blown to bits in Israeli shopping malls? Judge for yourself.

No, this one military operation will not buy peace forever; more military action will be needed after the terrorists regroup. But this does "chart a path for peace," as diplomats are fond of saying. It is a reminder that the only way to end terrorism is to attack it ruthlessly.

BCM // 8:56 AM


Monday, April 29, 2002:

Canadian Social Health Care Paradise

As detailed in this
NP column by David Gratzer.

Quoting the Standing Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology

"Canada ranks 21st of 28 OECD countries in the availability of CT scanners, 19th of 22 in availability of lithotriptors, and 19th of 27 in availability of MRIs," states the report. Perhaps more troubling, still, "Data also showed that this technology gap is widening. For example, Canada's deficit in the availability of MRIs worsened between 1986 and 1995 relative to other leading OECD countries."

These are the cold observations of a group of Senators, led by a prominent Liberal party organizer. No Fraser Institute types here.

The report also observes the cruelty of waiting lists. Indeed, the committee recounts an all too familiar story of a man waiting for surgery. The patient had originally been diagnosed by MRI with two herniated discs on April 19, 2001. On May 24, he was placed on a waiting list for surgery. Because his condition was classified as "elective but urgent" (a category that includes most of the hospital's cancer surgery) he was still on the waiting list a full eight months later. Notes the report: "It appeared that the only way for the patient in question to move to the top of the list was for his condition to deteriorate. It was not enough for him to be in constant pain and unable to work."

Again, only three nations in the world have completely public health care systems. Canada is one, the other two are Cuba and North Korea.

BCM // 8:32 AM


Canadian Dollar

$0.6390 USD, Down 0.0013 USD.

I'd better make that Amazon order while the dollar is still this high.......

BCM // 8:21 AM


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