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Saturday, May 25, 2002:

French Simplisme

Let's have a historical recap of how the French treat terrorists they dislike. Let's
review the case of Carlos the Jackal, currently rotting in a french jail.

At approximately 3am, [Carlos] was woken by a group of men pinning him to the bed. Before he could resist, he was handcuffed hand and foot and had a thin hood pulled over his head. A doctor then stepped forward and injected him in the thigh with a hypodermic containing a tranquilliser. A stretcher was produced and Carlos was bundled unceremoniously into a van that drove him to Khartoum airport where an executive jet was standing by.

By the time the jet had cleared Sudanese airspace, Carlos realised that his captors were French, what he did not know was that he was in the hands of the DST. He was then placed in a sack and bound tightly, with only his hooded head protruding. Six-and-a half hours later, the jet landed at Villacoublay military airport outside Paris where he was handed over to another DST team and driven to their Paris headquarters. As soon as he was unloaded and taken inside the building, Judge Jean-Louis Bruguiere issued Carlos with a national arrest warrant for the murder of two DST agents at Rue Toullier in 1979. By issuing such a warrant, the French government avoided the cumbersome process of applying to Interpol for an extradition order.

You mean to say the french avoided international law? Sounds like unilateralism to me. Can their EU membership be revoked for that?

They stuffed him in a sack after drugging him, bound tightly. Does Mary Robinson know about this?

How did the french fid out where Carlos was hiding in Sudan?

...when the CIA received a tip that gave the exact location of Carlos. The French immediately sent Phillipe Rondot, the intelligence officer who had previously tracked Carlos down to Algiers and Colombia, to Sudan to confirm if the information was correct.

Would the french have done the same for the US if they'd discovered Osama Bin Laden's exact location last October?

This is the extent to which the french are willing to go to catch someone who murdered two french spies on french soil. What would the french do if someone was to kill, oh, say three thousand of their countrymen?

BCM // 8:54 AM


Friday, May 24, 2002:

Little Brother is watching you

And what you write online, as
this residence assistant found out when his residence decided to dismiss him from as a RA. They had been directed to his website by another RA (who the admin declines to name, of course, in the best thoughtcrime tradition). That what they deemed offensive was satire seems to have passed right over their head.

Ironic how absent thought seems to be from most University administrations.

However, given the writer's reply to his dismissal, I'd say that the administrators are not going to get the quick little ousting they thought they could set up. I wish him success in his challenge to the University.

This is why I make dammed sure that no one in my workplace is aware of my blog.

Via Andrea Harris/Spleenville

BCM // 1:47 PM


Musharraf's Backsliding, Powell's Success

has been allowing terrorists to operate in Kashmir, despite his Boy Scout salute promise to Colin Powell not to do so.

It [A Washington Post Report] says the effect of Secretary of State Colin Powell's intense and successful diplomatic intervention last winter to ease tensions has been washed away by U.S. failure even to acknowledge Pakistan's subsequent backsliding.

What an amazing lack of reflection. It was successful, but not a moment later they talk about how it failed.

(Via LGF)

BCM // 9:55 AM


In the CD Player this week

18 by Moby. Not as good as Play, but still has a very high "again! again!" repeated play factor.

Star Wars: Attack of the Clones By John Williams. Workmanlike. Nothing that stands out from this disc the way Duel of the Fates stood out from The Phantom Menace. Hell, the only track that really starts to soar is one that excerpts Duel.

Iberostar: Merengues Infectious as hell. I got it down in the DR on vacation. I've found good merengue compilations are hard to find. This works as a fantastic pick-me-up in the morning.

Still doesn't beat my Timmie's coffee though.

BCM // 8:36 AM


The Purpose of a Palestinian State

The purpose of a separate Palestinian State was defined faultlessly by the late Zoher Moessein, head of PLO bureau of military operation:

"There is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians and Lebanese; we are all members of the same nation. Solely for political reasons are we careful to stress our identity as Palestinians. Since a separate State of Palestine would be an extra weapon in Arab hands to fight Zionism with. Yes, we do call for the creation of a Palestinian state for tactical reasons. Such a state would be a new means of continuing the battle against Zionism, and for Arab unity."

BCM // 7:46 AM


Bacause I'm not the only one who's ashamed of this country

From a
reader of the Corner

A reader writes that she's "ashamed to be Canadian, for many reasons, many of which you've mentioned on The Corner. Just to complete the picture, though: We've had rallies in Toronto of PLMs [Peace-Loving Muslims] screaming 'Death to the Jews'; teenagers refused service in Ottawa coffee shops and restaurants for wearing a Star of David on their necklaces, or embroidered on a backpack; synagogues burned down in Saskatoon, Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City (the latter two in Canada's mini-France, Quebec) and here in Winnipeg, threats of arson against my synagogue for hosting a speech by Daniel Pipes. Guess how much attention the police pay to the burnings? If you guessed that so far they have made no arrests, you'd be correct."

BCM // 5:54 AM



He [A Fidel Supporter at a US University] pointed out the alleged great strides that Cuba had made in health care and literacy — the usual propaganda. Valladares responded, Maybe so, but other countries have those things without torturing people, without the denial of basic rights — why can't we?

[Excerpt from Jay Nordlinger's
The Conservative on Campus]

Socialized health care and education are not equal, interchangable substitutes for freedom, democracy and free speech, in other words, basic human rights. I'm always amazed at how the mere mention of social services in Cuba is supposed to justify the secret police, the murder of refugees and the more than forty year rule of one man and one party.

Because of these supposed achievements, we're expected to pretend that Cuba is a normal nation, in every way equivalent to a first world nation.

Another fantastic observation today;

Liberals are always saying what a wonderful job the Communists have done with health care and literacy. It’s false, of course — but when liberals say, “Mussolini made the trains run on time,” they say so with a sneer. Castro is a dictator who definitely cannot make the trains run on time — Cuba is a backwater. And yet, the liberals never sneer — except at the exiles.

BCM // 5:52 AM


Wednesday, May 22, 2002:

ia! Chthulu Fthlgn! ia!

I've just been perusing the World Trade Centre design proposals.
This one reminds me of nothing more than a H.P.Lovecraft 'Chthulu Mythos" short story.

I looked at all 35 and I'm forced to conclude that the question/exclaimation that architects never hear is "You can't be fucking serious?!? These people actually design buildings? That people can go in without an overwhelming rational fear for their lives?

(Via VodkaPundit)

BCM // 3:29 PM


While Discussing Ontario

Take a look at
what our schools are being used to teach on weekends: anti-semitism.

BCM // 2:44 PM


Al-Queda Ontario: Yours to Discover!

The Ontario Provincial Police has
persuaded an Al-Queda sleeper cell to "move on" from Ontario. No they don't know where they went. (Via USS Clueless

What can I say. This is the third piece of news in two days to make me hang my head and say that I am ashmed to be a Canadian.

The first was Reid Morgan, a former CSIS Director laying out the calculus of terror in Canada and why he doesn't expect Canada to be hit.

Reid Morden, a former CSIS director, said terrorist organizations operating in Canada would likely avoid attacking local targets because the groups quietly benefit from lax Canadian laws.

"If you're raising money [for a terrorist organization], this is the place to do it," he said. "You put all that in jeopardy by walking into a supermarket with a suicide bomb. We know that there is substantial terrorist presence in Canada, and I think that [terrorists] are going to be very reluctant to take away the one place where they have, in some ways, been left to themselves."

And then today, the Ontario government confirms the extent to which we're willing to leave terrorists alone.

Second there was our withdrawal of ground forces from Afghanistan.

[Defense Minister] Eggleton said the 850 ground troops will be out by August, but it's possible they may return later.

"May" return later. Right. in other words, the Chretien government will assess which way the wind is blowing in a few months time. Oh, and the desert uniforms that the ground troops didn't have at the beginning of the campaign are supposed to be ready any day now. What wonderfully coincidental timing.

Third, today's bombshell that the OPP simply let terrorists move on.

I am so ashamed. Twenty-odd Canadians were murdered in the September 11th attacks. Canada's governments don't seem to give a damm. We are letting our American allies down, and spitting on the graves of our dead.


It's ironic that it should be the Toronto Star where I first saw this story. Had the OPP arrested the Al-Queda cell on whatever pretext they could find, the Star would have been the first and loudest voice denouncing the OPP and the provincial government for profiling, racism, paranoia, abuse of power, big-brother police state tactics, the whole enchilada. They haven't committed a crime yet? Well then you have no grounds to harrasss these people. It's not illegal to hate the US and Israel. You are overreacting and this will only aggravate the Islamic people's anger and wound their pride. Yet, because the provincial government is a conservative government, the Star will suddenly find allowing the Al-Queda cell go to be an intolerable lapse in security and law enforcement practice. they will do their dammdedest to nail the Tories to the wall for this. With the Star, there's no possible way for a conservative party to win.

BCM // 2:33 PM


Blogger difficulties

I haven't been able to access the blog for the last few days, or view other people's blogs hosted by blogger. It can be really frustrating, but I'm not that angry about it. You get what you pay for, after all. Blogger provides a service for me gratis and I'm willing to tolerate the occasional disruptions for the service I get the rest of the time. It's the same thing as Hotmail as far as I'm concerned, a fantastic service I use everyday and don't have to pay for.

By way of comparison, imagine if blogger and hotmail were government services. How much do you think we'd be taxed for the service (and be told it was "free")? Would the service interruptions be fewer and shorter or more frequent and longer? Would you want a government blog? A government email account?

Now, if I had paid for Blogger, I'd be pissed off to the extent I'd paid for it. Ah well, if nothing else, service interruptions prompt me to complete the other things I have on my plate.

BCM // 11:27 AM


Top Terrorist killed

By Israeli shells in the West Bank.

Yes, terrorist. Most of the media may use weasel words like "militant", but at least here I can call them what they are.

BCM // 11:22 AM


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