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Friday, July 26, 2002:

A little Friday Humour

Black humour of course.

BCM // 12:30 PM


Thursday, July 25, 2002:

Means Squat All

Ah, World Youth Day! A wonderful celebration for young Catholics around the world, an opportunity to meet, worship, celebrate, and be subjected to the left's usual display of cheap publicity stunts. (You didn't really think that the left would let the chance to grab at the spotlight to pass them by, did you?

To whit, OCAP (Ontario Coalition Against Poverty) is going to hold an event they call "The Pope Squat". According to their posters, glued to every pillar downtown;
When the government refuses to build housing, people have no choice but to take it themselves"

Sue-Ann Levy of the Sun
has more details.

BCM // 7:00 AM


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Wednesday, July 24, 2002:

Hey, It Worked For The Other Side

Mideast Talks Still Possible Despite Deadly Airstrike
GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon convened top ministers Wednesday to discuss resuming talks with the Palestinians amid sharp criticism, including in Israel, of the Israeli airstrike that killed a top Palestinian militant and 14 others.

Well, why shouldn't the Israelis play the game the Palestinians played for the last eight years? It worked pretty dammed well until George put his foot down.

BCM // 8:14 AM


Canadian Dollar Update

$0.6287 USD, Down so much since I last posted on the Dollar that I want to just....what? Scream? Yell? Pat myself on the back for keeping bearish on the dollar? Curse because the money I earn is worth less than it was three weeks ago? Fear for where the dollar will go next?

My predicition: new lows for the CDN$ by the end of the year. I think we are going to see $0.60??. The Federal Gov't will wring its hands some more and do nothing. The contest between Chretien and Martin will continue to dominate the government's attention, not that they'd be willing to do anything to improve the dollar anyway. If you can't solve the problem by spending more and imposing new regulations, there's no solution the Liberals would be interested in. Besides, taking real action might lead to Canadians waking up to just how much their living standard has fallen behind the US.

BCM // 6:30 AM


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