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Thursday, October 17, 2002:

Really? I'm shocked, Shocked I say, to find a nuclear weapons program in this Dictatorship!

North Korea has admitted that it
has an active Nuclear weapons program- despite signing a treaty with the US to discontinue such research in exchange for two nuclear reactors being built.

It's not like people didn't warn that it was going to happen.

It's not as if history's most consistent lesson is that dictators don't keep their word, no matter how fancy the paper or how big the bribe.

Regarding Clinton, I'd say "And now his failure is complete", but that would be utterly redundant.

"The agreement also called for the construction of two light water nuclear reactors to replace the plutonium-producing reactors Pyongyang had been using. The reactors were being financed mostly by South Korea and Japan. Construction of the reactors began just two months ago.

Stop construction of these reactors. Now. Immediately. There is no point to adhering to an agreement when the other side has already completely violated their obligations. Holding to the agreement is not a display of "good faith", it is a display of idiocy and naivete.

BCM // 7:16 AM


Wednesday, October 16, 2002:

The Machinery of the Euro Totalitarian State Assembles

Bit by bit.

end of Habeus Corpus in Britain
..... (Via Samizdata This is truly scary- the amount of unrestricted power that the Euros are giving their Eurocops. Idiotic, the way the UK government is signing off on it!

Give this a read, and then start thinking about the likely shape of the future of the EU, and the future of freedom in the EU.

BCM // 9:19 AM


On the DC Sniper

"Jack Dunphy", a LAPD officer
has a few things to say about the investigation.

I found this bit chilling. (emphasis mine)

"Officers searching the area near the Bowie, Md. middle school where a 13-year-old boy was shot discovered a tarot card, on which was written the message: "Dear policeman, I am God." Found nearby was a shell casing of the type consistent with the ammunition used in each of the shootings. News reports have it that no other shell casings have been found, this despite intensive searches at all of the other murder scenes. It occurs to me that the recovered casing might be a red herring, not ejected from the murder weapon at all. The killer may well have plucked it from the ground at whatever firing range he used to hone his deadly skills, only to place it at this crime scene so as to divert investigative attention from himself, or even to pave the way for an eventual defense in court. Consider: If the sniper is so careful as to retrieve his expended casings at every crime scene but one, and at this one he not only leaves a casing behind, but with it what amounts to a calling card, does it not seem that he intended for both these items to be found?"
BCM // 7:51 AM


Angelina Jolie- with excessive body hair

Angelina Jolie is going to star in a werewolf movie.

Hopefully the plot will be made a little less than threadbare. Hopefully it will make sense (like Tomb Raider did not in any way shape or form whatsoever....)

I'd love to see more werewolf movies. We've seen vampires done to death and given the recent advances in CGI, I want some nice big werewolf movies to make up lost time. I'd love to see anything based on the Werewolf: the apocalyspe role playing game setting- a view of werewolves that is more than "oh-poor-me-I-got-bitten-by-a-big-shagy-dog-in-the-woods-and-now-I'm-going-insane." Take the werewolf idea and do something interesting with it for god's sake.

Oh- and I note the setting for Angelina's movie- the wilds of that frontier nation- Canada!

BCM // 7:02 AM


Bomber Confesses

The Indonesian police have announced that the suspect they have in custody
has confessed. (Via The Corner)

"The suspect, who is being held by Indonesian authorities, told investigators that he regretted the massive loss of life, but he has not disclosed who ordered him to make the bomb, according to the security official. The official said the suspect had learned to make explosives while serving in the air force, which later dismissed him for misconduct."

Right. He regrets the massive loss of life. I'm sure.

Apparently, other suspects are being "intensively" interrogated. I wonder what that means? Well, let's see. Here's the Amnesty Int'l report on Indonesia.

"...the UN Committee against Torture expressed concern about the high number of allegations of torture committed by members of the security forces; numerous attacks against human rights defenders, sometimes resulting in death; the climate of impunity resulting from failure to bring to justice individuals suspected of carrying out acts of torture; and the inadequate legal and institutional framework for protection against torture."

If these are the actual bombers, I have very little sympathy for them. However, because I know that Indonesia does use torture, there is that voice in my mind wondering if the people they have are really the guilty parties. I'm sure the pressure on the security services to produce results must be awesome, and the temptation to arrest anyone who could be framed sufficently would be not minor. Thus I doubt the standard of justice that Indonesia will bring to bear here. No matter what evidence they bring forward, I'll always have doubts.

BCM // 6:12 AM


Monday, October 14, 2002:

Remember It can't happen here!

Al-Queda in Canada? CBS News

"A former high-ranking Canadian intelligence official tells Steve Kroft that there are at least 50 terrorist groups, al-Qaida among them, operating in Canada whose members could easily slip into the U.S. across the undefended 5,500-mile border.

The full interview with David Harris, former chief of strategic planning for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

“We’ve established through our intelligence service and other means that we have 50 terrorist organizations now on our soil…They range in scope from the IRA to Hezbollah, Hamas…[and] certainly al-Qaida,” says Harris, who has “no doubt” some of those terrorists are targeting America. "

This is opposed to our Prime-Minister-For-Life Jean Chretien's public statements in the past that "there are no terrorists in Canada"

BCM // 12:54 PM


Quote of the Day

Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you are a good person is a little like expecting the bull not to attack you because you are a vegetarian.

- Dennis Wholey


BCM // 7:36 AM


Bombing in Bali

Here's a
list of people who have been admitted to hospital. (Via Tim Blair) Four on the list are Canadian. The list is short on details, as might be expected.

Jeffrey Canada Kasih Ibu Hospital Evacuated to Singapore
Ricard Canada Wangaya Hospital
Sophie Sureay Canada SOS Medika
Sopie Canada Kasih Ibu Hospital Evacuated to Singapore

No Canadians are among the identified dead.

The US Ambassador warned the Indonesians over a month ago. Repeatedly. The Indonesian government ignored him. "It can't happen here."

Within days [Ambassador] Boyce's actions were explained in Time magazine, which said a senior al-Qaeda member in Indonesia, Omar al-Faruq, had been masterminding a car-bomb attack on the Jakarta embassy when he was arrested in June.

The CIA interrogated al-Faruq after he was deported to the US. He confessed to planning a series of terrorist attacks in Indonesia, the article said and the US embassy confirmed. But few Indonesian leaders were prepared to take this information too seriously. Instead of a considered response to a security threat, the issue degenerated into a debate where the US was flat out defending charges it was anti-Indonesian and anti-Muslim.

"I just can't understand why there is so much hostility to a friend who shares such important information with you," Mr Boyce told a group of some 15 Muslim leaders who felt the US was blackening their religion.

All together now with our Prime Minister Uncle Jean. "It can't happen here."

BCM // 6:06 AM


Sunday, October 13, 2002:

U.N. Inspectors to Iraq?

Well, except for the fact that
Iraq maintains the right to change the rules at any time. Not that it matters, given that the UN is willing to accept the rules of Calvinball for the inspections if performing inspections had a chance of stopping the US from taking action against Iraq.

Again, not that it matters. The UN can have a big inspection cakewalk and it won't matter a whit- not even if the inspections were to be effective. Why? Because the US has been committed to regime change in Iraq, not just the disarmament of Iraq's WMD programs. Weapons Inspections won't remove Saddam Hussein from control of Iraq. If it was Clinton or Gore in the White House, then it would matter. "We said we were committed to regime change? Shurely you knew we didn't mean that. We meant the Inspection regime. If we happened to explicitly mention Saddam in that particular phrase, well that was just a misunderstanding." However, there's a President who tends to have this romantic notion that his words mean something. Saddam is going to go- soon.

BCM // 11:26 AM


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