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Saturday, February 01, 2003:

God Rest the Astronauts of the Columbia

The space shuttle Columbia, carrying a crew of seven, broke up Saturday morning 200,000 feet above Texas.

Remember STS-113

Rick Husband, Commander, second mission.
Laurel Clark, Mission Specialist, first shuttle flight.
Kalpana Chawla, Mission Specialist, on her second mission.
Ilan Ramon, Payload Specialist, first flight.
William C. McCool, Pilot. First shuttle flight.
Michael P. Anderson, Payload Commander, second flight
David M. Brown, Mission Specialist, first flight

Seventeen years after the last shuttle accident, another crew has been lost in bringing us toward the next frontier- but let there be no doubt- we will get there.

We will get there.

BCM // 8:17 AM


Friday, January 31, 2003:

Where you Will Not find me this weekend

Seeing a hagiography of

You don't need to watch Fidel to realize that Fidel Castro was, and still is, a big man on the global campus: it's not just any stylishly bearded despot who could provoke the C.I.A. into (reportedly) plotting his assassination around the clock in the '60s and still count on getting a public thumbs-up 40 years later from Ted Turner. Captain Colorization is just one of the famous faces who pop up in this incongruously flattering, largely exclusionary portrait of the man whose fiercely socialist agenda left a stamp on the political topography of the late 20th century and has retained its potent force into the 21st.

Director Estela Bravo's thesis in this new documentary is that Castro, in addition to being an admirable private figure, was an earth-shaking force for positive revolutionary progress during the Cold War and beyond, and that his suspicion and hatred of American interests in Cuba was basically justified. She gathers together people like Muhammad Ali, Nelson Mandela, Gabriel García Márquez and Jack Nicholson to lend her movie credibility.

Right. "Big man" as in big bully who's been killing his countrymen for nigh a half-century now. "Potent force"- sure- if you count making liberals fall on their knees and worship. if you count any real measure of influence, Cuba is a zilch. No money, no military might, no morals, no resources. Well, you could count selling plastic surgery vacations as "a force for positive change" in the lives of wealthy Europeans.

I've said it before- I will not go to Cuba on vacation until the country is free, as in "freedom", not "free education" (no drugs available without Dollars) and "free education" (indoctrination).

My basic litmus test for whether a nation deserves to be called a respectable nation: a citizen must be able to go to the town square and yell at the top of his lungs that the head of the government is a #$%^&* and not fear any consequences other than being looked at funny.

Cuba.... does not pass this test. No word in the review if the film covers the impact that Fidel's "fiercely socialist agenda [which left] a stamp on the political topography of the late 20th century and has retained its potent force into the 21st." has had on his domestic dissidents.

BCM // 2:44 PM

Calling John Williams...

How the hell did you let your masterpiece get so dammed rare? I'm referring to the soundtrack for "The Raiders of the Lost Ark".

Go ahead, you can hear the opening fanfare in your mind, can't you. Just enjoy that for a moment.

I've looked through Toronto's record stores, ("this product not available") and found it on- of course-,
for the measly price of $33 USD or more. Lessee, that's $51 in the funny money we use up here, plus shipping. Gah.

Perhaps it's time to invest in a CD burner and join the 21st century.

BCM // 2:41 PM

2 more weeks until I get this dammed cast off.

I'm not looking forward to seeing what's left of my wrist. Will it be no#7 pencil thick, or No#5?

BCM // 2:34 PM


Canadian Government-"Lost it's moral compass" the title of this
Samizdata post on the Canadian government's battle against personal privacy rights.

Hell, they never even had a map..... Nor a desire to be guided by morals or any other such construct which gets in the way of the sacred reign of the Liberal party and its following intelligensia.

BCM // 1:35 PM

Sunday, January 26, 2003:

My Motto of the Day

You always kick more ass when you keep kicking.

Hey, it motivates me.

BCM // 2:23 PM

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