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Thursday, March 20, 2003:

Hmmm. Shall I take a surf over to The Toronto Star and listen to the squealing?

BCM // 7:38 AM


Subtitle on CNN while interviewing Kofi Annan

"Annan: UN will do its part to assist the Iraqi people".

Yeah right. Like you protected the people in Rwanda when you were in charge of Peacekeeping there Kofi?

BCM // 6:18 AM


Tuesday, March 18, 2003:

Business Book Club

I'm going to be setting up a Book Club here in Toronto with a focus on business books. I'm going to be aiming at meeting in the downtown core about once every two weeks to discuss books and choose new ones to read together and discuss.

If anyone is interested in attending, please drop me a line. If anyone has any experience attending or organizing a book cub, please let me know as well. I'd love to get any tips you might have.

BCM // 8:42 AM

The Modern World

Okay, I've been away and occupied with other things, grovelling apologies and all that.

I read with interest the other weekend that Hamas vowed to target the Israeli leaders directly in retaliation for the killing of one of their leaders. (How many "top leaders" does Hamas have anyway? Seems Israel kills one every couple of weeks....)

I find this threat less than impressive. Hamas has always vowed to kill all of the jews anyway. Vowing to kill Israeli leaders amounts to no more than quibbling about the order in which they attempt it. All told, I prefer Hamas to go after the Israelis who have the heaviest security around them. Hell, I always prefer it when my enemies attack my strongest points instead of my weakest ones.

Now as to today's news that
Uday has refused Bush's ultamatim on his papa's behalf. I actualy admire this reply on a tactical level. It lets Saddam refuse the US ultimatum while giving himself and his sympathizers some cover. If the US used this refusal as justification for the start of the attack, one can already hear the French howling that "Saddam himself has not said no.... this is the ultimate proff of the US rush to war...etc, etc, etc". It also has the insulting tone of allowing a subordinate deliver the reply.

Cute, but it won't matter.

I imagine that Saddam is probably carrying a pistol in his hand right now. These are going to be probably the tensest, most frightening hours of his life, wondering if the next officer he talks to will be the one who shops him to the US, wondering if he'll hear the sound of a bomb a split second before it detonates. At least, I hope the bastard is living in fear. Odds are he still believes he can pull it off. After all, he survived the 91 Gulf war, at a point where US forces were in his nation, had thrashed his military and crippled his infrastructure. If he came back from that, why not this situation too?

I hope the Iraqis get ahold of him, the common people on the street. I hope they give him what the Italians gave Mussolini, a hanging from the nearest lamppost.

BCM // 8:16 AM

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